June 13, 2006

Must Have Been Boring Anyway

I was going to blog about something, I just know it. But now I can't remember it. So it was obviously fascinating.

I like to play tennis, and I found someone who likes it enough to want to play but not enough to want to be dumb and competitive about it. Perfect, because that's how much I like it. Just enough to run after the ball, but not enough to grunt like a Monica when I hit it...or throw a John McEnroe if I miss it. The perfect balance.

It seems like back in The Day, everyone played tennis. Now I have a hard time finding a partner. All the girls at work like tennis enough to watch the French Open like it's their favorite sport, but not enough to own a racket. (I should mention that this week they all watch the World Cup like soccer's their favorite sport. I'm thinking there is a pattern here. And that pattern is that we like whatever random sport is popular at the moment.)

So, to recap: tennis = good when played in a friendly, laidback way. Soccer = totally boring if not for the guys in shorts. And still pretty boring. Denise Richards = shady. I know I didn't talk about her in this post, but it needs to be said from time to time.

Carry on.

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